Hello fandom friends,

My name is Scribble Inkwell and I LOVE analyzing modern-day stories and fandoms such as Harry Potter and Star Wars through the lens of Christian beliefs and the Bible. There is nothing more important to me than my faith, but I also LOVE stories. And, I believe, Harry PotterStar WarsHunger Games, and other great modern-day stories can be used to help us (myself, at least) better understand The story that makes up my faith.

In order to express this passion burning within me, along with writing on MuggleNet, I’ve decided to start this blog. I’m hoping to keep it simple, though maybe not regular. I just need a place to express my Christianity and fandom. If you are of like-mind, I’d love to interact with you. If not, I’ll just blog to myself, lol.

See you in the comments (I hope)!

Oh, I also authored this book called Finding Unauthorized Faith in Harry Potter, a devotional based on the Harry Potter books. It is due to be published by Hickey’s Books later this year under my Muggle name, Nicole L Rivera.

Do. Or do not. There is no try. ~ Yoda (and the reason I’m finally starting this blog)

First post to come sometime soon…