So Peeta’s giving me his life and Gale at the same time. To let me know I shouldn’t ever have doubts about it. Everything. That’s what Peeta wants me to take from him.

I wait for him to mention the baby, to play to the cameras, but he doesn’t. And that’s how I know that none of this is part of the Games. That he s telling me the truth about what he feels.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, Peeta can be seen as a symbol of Christ, and Katniss as a symbol of the church. What did Christ give us? His life and our life (Gale) at the same time. Everything. That is what Christ wants us to take from him. Life abundant. Love never ending. Grace secure.

Who, once understanding the level of His love and devotion to each of us, could possibly not fall in love with Him? I don’t know because I can’t picture a life worth having without Him very much a part of every aspect.

Peeta then tells Katniss that no one really needs him. As far as his symbolic representation of Christ goes, nothing could be further from the truth. Like Peeta with Katniss, he is the only one who can take our broken mess of a life and make it whole again. He is the only one who can take our despair and, somehow, turn it into joy. He is the only one who, when life hands us dregs, can turn our left overs into shining lights in the darkness.

What did Peeta give us? He gave us everything–just as the one He symbolizes gave us everything we could ever need, hope, or imagine.