It’s official! I can touch them! 😉 Now, these are only ARCs (Advance Review Copies). Meaning final editing has not been done, but I don’t care. I finally have a book with my name on it! (Confetti falls from the ceiling, room darkens, spotlight encircles me, a mic appears before me, and I give my thank-you speech—really, I freeze up and they have to carry my comatose body off the stage.)


Now that I have all these pretty review copies in my hands, what am I going to do with them? Well, if you are a book reviewer in the continental U.S., I’d be happy to get you a copy. Email me at nicolelrivera at me dot com.

More information about Finding Unauthorized Faith in Harry Potter:

Harry Potter Fansite writer authors a potter devotional

Christianity meets Potter-fandom in this new devotional

Nicole L Rivera, Creative Team Manager for the Harry Potter fansite, MuggleNet, marries faith with fandom in Finding Unauthorized Faith in Harry Potter. A Christ-follower for ten years and Potter-fan for fourteen years, Nicole set out to write a thesis exploring the parallels between the Bible and the Harry Potter series for her Master of Arts in creative writing. She didn’t expect the four-hundred-plus page essay to become a series of ebooks and now a book in a variety of formats.

Nicole has been fascinated with Harry Potter since the summer before her junior year in high school. By now, she’s re-read the series many times. Once she discovered Christ and began to study the Bible, the parallels between her favorite story and her new favorite story sparked her interest in seeking the Christ-narrative and messages in modern-day tales and using those tales as a way to better understand the Christian faith.

Nicole explains, “I originally entitled this book, The Parable of Harry Potter, because I believe the Harry Potter story is a parable of Christian values and of the Christ-story, whether intended by the author or not. I hope my book will serve as a tool for Harry Potter fans to grow deeper in their faith, or explore faith in Christ for the first time. I consider this book like the great house of Hufflepuff. All are welcome.”

You can find Nicole’s Potter-related articles at and connect with her and stay up-to-date on her latest projects through her website,

Finding Unauthorized Faith in Harry Potter

260 pages

REL01300, RELIGION / Christianity / Literature & the Arts

REL012020  RELIGION / Christian Life /Devotional

LOC number: 2015944963
Trade paper – ISBN: 978-0-9965242-0-9 / $15.99
Ebook – ISBN: 978-0-9965242-2-3 / $4.99

Publication date: 12-10-15

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