As I’m now re-reading the Harry Potter series for the eight time (number of completion) all the way through, I was struck by just how many Christ figures there are in not only the Potter books but also in all my favorite Fandoms. Below is a list of 7 off the top of my head.

  1. Bella Swan ~ Bella sacrifices her life to save the lives of others at least four times in the four books. In Twilight, she gives herself up at the ballet studio to save her mother. In New Moon, she offers herself in Edward’s place to the Volturi. In Eclipse, inspired by the “third wife” she cuts herself hoping to cause Victoria to attack and possibly kill her so that Edward can live. Then, in Breaking Dawn, Bella gives her health, beauty, and life to save her baby. As much flack as Bella gets for being a “weak” character, I think she’s pretty strong. It takes great integrity to sacrifice yourself for someone else—especially when you believe that someone doesn’t love you (Edward in New Moon). Very Christ-like.
  2. Katniss Everdeen ~ In the first chapter of the first book, Katniss takes Prim’s place in the Games, knowing there is very little if any chance of her survival.
  3. Peeta Malark ~ Though Katniss does not love him the way he loves her, before he gets to the arena, he decides to do everything he can to make sure Katniss makes it out alive—which means he will die. Peeta is the ultimate Christ-figure of the series, sacrificing himself over and over to make sure Katniss lives.
  4. Tris Prior ~ (Spoiler Alert: Skip this one if you haven’t read all the Divergent books). Tris literally dies to save her world. Pretty Dauntless of her (not to mention Abegnation).
  5. Obi-Wan ~ Sacrifices himself to Darth Vader so that Luke can get away.
  6. Lily Potter ~ When offered the chance to save herself, chooses to shield Harry by taking the Killing Curse that is meant for him, thereby protecting him with the most powerful force—Love. Maybe she learned that from the gospel of John, specifically John 15:13?
  7. Harry Potter ~ Who, like Christ, walks the Via Dolorosa choosing to submit himself to death rather than protect himself. He doesn’t even take out his wand to face Voldemort. He simply lets the Killing Curse hit him knowing that in doing so he’s making it possible for Voldemort to be destroyed and his friends to be saved. If that’s not a glaring symbol of Christ, I don’t know what is.

This is a very short list of the Christ figures in my favorite fandoms. On September 16th at noon EST, a post I’ve written on seven Christ figures in the Potter series goes live—this LINK will take you to the article once it’s available.

So, I know I’ve missed a lot of Fandom Christ figures (maybe I’ll do a more in-depth analysis at some point), which are your favorite Fandom Christ figures?