If you’ve read the Potter books, you’ll know that Lily sacrifices her life in the place of Harry so that he may live. In doing so she covers Harry in the strongest force known, Love, which protects him from death when Voldemort hits him with a Killing Curse.

In the Bible, as Jesus speaks with his disciples he tells them that there is no greater form of love than that of a friend laying down their life for another friend. He tells the disciples they are all his friends now because he has been open with them and told them everything God (His father) told Him. Then he walks into Jerusalem, knowing he will die, and doesn’t even fight to save himself. He gives himself up to die because he knows in dying for his friends (which we are if we trust in Him), he is covering all of them/us with the strongest force, Love, which protects us from Death. Not physical death, but spiritual death. (See John 15).

In the Song of Solomon and several other places, Jesus is referred to as the Lily of the Valley. If you read through Psalms, there are many reverences about the Psalms being played to the tune of a song about lilies. In certain traditions, the lily represents Mary, but in looking solely at scripture, the Lily seems to refer to Christ.

My point—Rowling couldn’t have picked a better name for Lily Potter. Lily being symbol of Christ and Potter being a symbol of the Creator God—He is the Potter and we are the clay. From Lily, Harry is created. Then by Lily’s sacrificial death, Harry is saved and protected from death (physical) and eventually Death (spiritual) by his choice to follow in his mother’s footsteps.

We are bathed in Love and saved from Death when we choose to trust in the Lily of the Valley and follow in our friend’s footsteps, living a life of Love.