In the Christian-lingo world, someone’s Christ story is simply the story of how they decide to place their faith and trust in Jesus. Each story is unique to the “author” but they have certain aspects in common—remorse (or repentance), forgiveness, and a new start.

The most obvious Christ figure (not that they are exactly like Christ but that they exhibit some aspect of Christ) in the Potter series is Harry; however, the biggest analogy of what it is to become a Christian, to me, is Snape.

Severus did a lot of bad stuff that eventually lead to the murder of his beloved, Lily Potter (see THIS post on the significance of her name)—the Christ figure who died in Harry’s place so Harry may live. Snape felt deep remorse upon learning that Voldemort intended to hunt down Lily and her family. At that moment, he switched sides. His heart no longer belonged to Voldemort but to Lily’s cause. When she died, his commitment didn’t waiver. He remained Dumbledore’s man through and through in order to protect his enemy, Harry, because of his love of Lily.

Snape was never at any point in the series perfect. He was vastly improved. He had felt that remorse that Hermione spoke of in Hallows that is needed to repair a soul. He was forgiven by Dumbledore and many others. And he had started a new life. One dedicated to saving and preserving life rather than eradicating life. He still had past resentments and bitterness to get through. He was far from kind or just. But, often he went against his past instincts to save Harry, Hermione (a Mudblood), and Ron (a blood traitor). Snape was not perfect, but he had admitted his shame and dedicated his life to changing because of his love for Lily.

When someone chooses to dedicate their life to Christ’s cause, they don’t instantly become angles. The Christian journey is just that, a journey of becoming better than we were without Christ. Why? Because we so love Him we want to change for Him, for the reason He died—to save us and everyone.

This is why many of us Christians don’t necessarily look like Christ yet. Many of us still look a bit like Snape. But the thing is, we recognize that we are not perfect. Christ is perfect and we want to be more like him but, for most of us, that is going to take a long time and a lot of work. We’ve still got past resentment, bitterness, and bad habits of thinking to sort through. Which is why endless forgiveness is crucial in our journey. But, the main point is that we are on Christ’s side, we are fighting Christ’s battle, and even if we don’t always look like Christ we still step up to the plate and do the work he left for us—simply telling others about Him and loving God and people.

Snape’s Christ Story: I was a Death Eater and hater of Mudbloods. Then I realized that everything I was living for was all wrong. It left me miserable. And I lost the woman I loved because of the cause I had dedicated my life to. But then I was offered what I could never earn—forgiveness. And I was given a new mission. A mission to protect and preserve life. I struggled with my old ways, but I learned to save as many lives as I could. And I died a hero’s death. I died so that another might live.