I was watching Star Wars: Episode 3 last night—the one where Anakin Skywalker crosses over to the Dark Side and becomes a Sith—and I got to thinking, “Sith and Jedi both believe and utilize the same Force.” That thought brought to mind Christianity, and how some have used Christ’s message for love, peace, unity, and grace and others have used it for persecution, hatred, disunity, and unforgiveness.

Horrible things have been done in the supposed name of Christ, does that therefore make Christ “dark”? No more than the Force can be made dark because a few choose to utilize it for evil. Anyone can call themselves a Christian and say they are acting in accordance with Christ. But, the only way to know if their claims about themselves are true is to look to Christ. To read about him and his life and see if the two match up. (Actually, a wise practice would be for all Christians to frequently assess if our actions and hearts line up with His.)

Christ did not condemn the woman caught in the act of adultery. He stood up for her. He defended her. He saved her from being stoned to death. And he gave her a fresh start, if she so wanted. Not once did he point a finger at her; degrade her; turn his back on her; or hold a picket sign in her face.

Christ did not recoil from those who were labeled “unclean;” he went to them, loved them, healed them, and gave them dignity and a new lease on life.

And those “notorious sinners,” he didn’t scowl at them. He didn’t stare at them in disgust. He hung out with them. Loved on them. And gave them the hope, confidence, and courage to change their lives. He showed them that they didn’t have to be the people that the religious elite had labeled them. He showed them that, if they wanted to, they could change and be made brand new from the inside out.

This is just a brief glance of who Christ was. For more, read Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, the four accounts of Christ’s life, mission, and message.

Contrary to what some use Christ’s message for, he did not come to condemn the world, he came to reach out his hand and save us from ourselves.

Sith corrupt and make the Force evil. Jedi, however, work together to use the Force for good. Don’t judge the Force by the Sith.

Don’t judge Christ by how people represent Him. Get to know Him and see who He truly is and what He truly wants done in His name.

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