Today I’d like to take a break in the Friends & Christianity series to address a serious issue: What has become of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars Episode VII? And who is this Kylo Ren? And what does any of this have to do with finding unauthorized faith? Bear with me, we’ll get there.

As a self-dubbed story analyst, it is my occupation (or hobby) to pick apart stories, plot devises, etc. and predict how the story will unfold. Usually Western story-tellers are influenced by biblically based plot lines. And, thus far, the Star Wars series has followed the overarching Christ story. Luke being a Christ figure or Christian everyman. Anakin, playing the fallen but redemptive character. Palpatine standing is as the fallen unredeemable enemy, representative of evil and darkness, etc. And it is my prediction that Lucus will still use these techniques in the unfolding of the rest of the saga, the only question left to answer is: How?

Some say that Luke has gone to the Dark Side and is either the new “Darth,” Kylo Ren, or he is the Sith Lord of Kylo Ren. (Inward cringe.) I sincerely hope that Luke has not crossed over. To me, Luke going to the Dark Side would be like Harry Potter following in Voldy’s footsteps — a grotesque manipulation of the plot. Rather, I like to think that Luke is still the “Chosen One” who will bring peace and balance to the force. One theory I have is that Luke has grown into a Jedi — a very powerful one — and he is the one who is going to bring about the awakening of the Force. He is the one who is going to be the Master, like Yoda, who will grow those in whom the Force is awakening into Jedi Knights. (Kind of like Harry growing an army to fight Voldy — sorry, couldn’t contain my Potter-ness.)

But, then who is this the new Sith Lord? Who is Kylo Ren, and is he working for someone? Well, one thing the Hubby and I discussed when the Official Trailer released is that, though Vader threw Palpatine off the bridge and it seems like Palpatine is dead — without a body, I remain unconvinced. In the movies, Palpatine mentioned he had the power to overcome death. Even Obi-Wan discovered this power, albeit in a Light way. So, I wouldn’t rule out Palpatine still being the Sith Lord, even if in spirit. And I also wouldn’t rule out Kylo Ren being his newest pawn. (Perhaps Palpatine is more like Voldy than just bad looks — Could he have been hidden, bidding his time, looking for a servant so he can come back for one last stand that will end in his demise because of his inability to understand the power of Love?… Wait, we must, for such an answer.)

For my last theory, I want to discuss Kylo Ren as a person. He could be just some random guy that had dealings with Darth Vader in the past, but I don’t think so. First of all, he seems entirely too young to have dealt with Vader. Rather I think there is a deeper connection. It is my thinking, and I could be spouting utter non-sense, that Kylo Ren’s relationship to the main characters is going to have a similar punch as that of Darth Vader to Luke and Leia. I have a feeling that we are going to see, maybe not in episode 7 but eventually, a “big reveal” as to who Kylo is related to…. and, maybe even a redemption?

Now for the unauthorized faith part: Star Wars Episodes I – VI were redemption stories. They were the story of Anakin Skywalker’s rise, fall due to pride and fear, and then his remorse and redemption because of love. It is a Christian-everyman pre-story. The story of what happens before we come to Christ and then die to self to live for him: Man falls due to pride; Man struggles to try and redeem self but fails; a Savior (Christ) comes and extends a hand of grace and love to help Man save himself from himself; Man chooses to give up his own ways and follow Christ, thereby dying to self and living for Him, which brings salvation.

 I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me. ~ Galatian 2:20 ESV

The prediction I am most certain of: This next installment will contain a redemption story. We only wait to see whose. I’m thinking Kylo Ren.