Welcome to Potter Tuesdays! Today we are going to continue on with Chapter 2 of Sorcerer’s Stone, “The Vanishing Glass.” In this chapter, Mrs. Figg has hurt her leg and cannot watch Harry while the Dursleys take Dudley to the zoo for his birthday. Harry is ecstatic. He gets to go somewhere that is not school, home, or Mrs. Figg’s.

As Harry’s helping to cook breakfast, he ruminates over what his life has been like with the Dursleys—living in the cupboard, the car crash that killed his parents, oh, and don’t ever ask questions.

The Dursleys are cartoon caricatures of what not to be as a human. But they are also the polar opposite of what Harry is—a Seeker. Seekers seek things, knowledge, truth, etc. out. They don’t just check their brain at the door and go with the status quo. They ask questions. They dig deep. They find the Golden Snitch no one else can see.

The title of this site in “PotterWars: Finding Unauthorized Faith” because that is what we are here to do. We are here to seek and find the Golden Snitches most people don’t see when they read/watch great fandom stories. If they did seek them, Christians wouldn’t be burning the Potter books, they would be turning them into devotionals. 😉

Many believe that the Christian faith is a blind faith. We are to blindly believe everything we are told. That is completely untrue—and leads many Christians into following false teachings. If we were to blindly believe, then why did God send Christ to fulfill the prophecies he gave to the prophets of the Old Testament? Why provide proof and a book to study when He could save himself the hassle and just tell us to believe? Why perform miracles? Why leave us with the mission to go out and make disciples (students) of Christ? Students don’t (or shouldn’t) just believe everything they are told, they ask questions, the think critically, they examine.

Blind faith is not what Christ calls us to (Abraham, Moses, David, the Disciples, all asked questions). He left us with a 1000+ page manuscript and told us to ask, seek, knock. Not just to memorize and be Christian robots. Robots get programmed to do whatever who types in the code tells them—which is how cults form. Seekers ask questions, they filter and discern before accepting. They are always on the look out for truth. They have conversations with God, asking questions, watching out for answers.

Dursley-Christians just do what they are told. Seeker-Christians spend their lives searching for Golden Snitches. Dursley-Christians have Christ’s picture on a wall somewhere in their home. Seeker-Christians walk with Christ everyday and let him reside in their hearts, asking him constantly to show them the way.

I don’t know about you, but I want to always be a Seeker not a Dursley.

Seek and read from the book of the Lord. ~ Isaiah 34:16 ESV