Happy Throwback Thursday! Today we are returning to the Supergirl comic books to look at 2b. In this issue, Kara has gone to the Kent farm in Smallville, Kansas seeking the answers that Power Girl couldn’t give her as to who she is.

Supergirl punches Superboy 2b

Rather than a warm welcome from a fellow Kryptoian, Superboy flies out to meet Kara and tells her to leave. He has retreated to Kent farm to be alone after an incident where he turned on his fellow Titans.

Not only does Kara not get answers from Conner Kent (Superboy); they are both accosted by the Titans, which leads to a fight that Robin and Flash have to break-up. During that fight, Raven says something telling to Supergirl

“They say if you have a problem with one person, it could be the other person’s fault. And if you have a problem with two people–again the blame may not be on you… But when you have difficulty with three people… the problem lies within you.” ~ Raven

In his letter, James says, “What causes quarrels and what causes fights among you? Is it not this, that your passions are at war within you?” (James 4:1 ESV).

Raven and Supergirl 2B

When we have issues with many people, the issue is most likely within ourselves. Either we are dealing with some form of jealousy or envy, or we might be struggling with unforgiveness. We cling to our bitterness in pride, rather than humbling ourselves and letting the offense go from our hearts.

As we continue to read the following issues in this volume of Supergirl we will see that Raven is right. The problem is not everyone Supergirl is waring with. The problem is within her. Until she faces that darkness within her, she will never know who she is.

Supergirl and Raven 2b mysterious ending