Happy Throwback Thursday and welcome to the third segment in the Supergirl Comic Book series (circa 2005 – 2006). In this issue, Supergirl has joined in with the Outsiders in an effort to discover who is watching her. When she finds out it is Lex Luther, she decides to go after him alone—

“Wrong. We’ve all been there, Kara. Wanting to carry the ball ourselves. Thinking this is your problem to fix and it never works out. You’re going up against Luthor. You’ll get hurt or worse. The Outsiders can’t let that happen. And I can’t let that happen.” ~ Nightwing

Supergirl 3A Nightwing

Kara kisses him and zooms off on her own, destroying the controls of the Outsider jet with her laser vision.

Supergirl 3A I'm Sorry

When she faces Luther, he is too much for her. They get into a fight, and Supergirl gets the worst of it physically. Then Luther brings down a whole other kind of pain. A pain targeted at Kara’s inner weakness—her unsureness of who she is because of her sketchy memories.

“Let’s see if we can’t open that up into something truly painful.” ~ Luther

Luther reveals that when Supergirl fell to the Earth, she brought with her the instrument of her destruction—Kryptonite. A ton of it, and not just the green kind. Highly symbolic of how humans are born into the world with the instruments of our destruction—sin—and how that confuses and divides our souls:

Supergirl 3A Lex Luther Kryptonite

“Every one of us has a blackness within us. We can pretend, like your boy scout cousin, that we don’t fall prey to the sins of the flesh and power. But you’re not him, are you? Honestly…? It’s what I like best about you.” ~ Luther

Supergirl 3A Lex Luther Blackness

Lex unleashes black Kryptonite on Supergirl, splitting her in two. Which will be the biggest mistake of his life… To be continued.

This issue of Supergirl is highly reflective of the Garden of Eden story, where Eve is decieved by the Serpent into eating from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Once she does, there is a split between man and God—and Evil desires entered our hearts to war with the Good. The Serpent thinks he’s won, but he underestimates both God and man. If you flip to the end of the Bible, you’ll see that God and man (through God) win. And now all humans have the power in reach to overcome the blackness within.

Supergirl 3A Black

If you flip to the end of this Supergirl series, you’ll see that… Well, you’ll see when we get there. 😉