Happy Throwback Thursday! We’ve reached the final installment of the Supergirl Power comic series circa 2005 – 2006 which, shockingly, is now ten years ago. Time flies. In #5, Good-Supergirl confronts Bad-Supergirl in a blowout that takes us through some key moments in the Old Testament.

Supergirl 5 Zor_El

Bad-Supergirl tells Good-Supergirl about how she was the child of Krypton’s Cain who set out to destroy his brother, Jor-El (AKA Able), by sending Kara to kill his brother’s son, Kal. Zor-El, Kara’s father, supposedly wanted his child to be the last surviving Kryptonian rather than Jor-El’s son. The story is riveting and highly convincing, but Good-Supergirl decides not to buy it. Granted, she doesn’t remember her past, but why should she listen to Bad-Supergirl?

Good: You’re lyingNothing like that ever happened.

Bad: Then, how do you explain—me?

Supergirl Comics 5 Liar

Good ends up tricking Bad into landing in Gotham (they were on the moon when the dispute broke out), where Batman shows up to greet them—as Good anticipated. The fight continues, and Good is worried they are going to lose, but then Superman and Wonder Woman show up. At this point, Bad tackles Good and somehow they switch costumes. Now there is no way to tell if Bad is Good or Good is Bad. So Superman pulls out an old trick from King Solomon:

Supergirl 5 Superman

One day two women came to King Solomon, and one of them said:

Your Majesty, this woman and I live in the same house. Not long ago my baby was born at home, and three days later her baby was born. Nobody else was there with us.

One night while we were all asleep, she rolled over on her baby, and he died. Then while I was still asleep, she got up and took my son out of my bed. She put him in her bed, then she put her dead baby next to me.

In the morning when I got up to feed my son, I saw that he was dead. But when I looked at him in the light, I knew he wasn’t my son.

“No!” the other woman shouted. “He was your son. My baby is alive!”

“The dead baby is yours,” the first woman yelled. “Mine is alive!”

They argued back and forth in front of Solomon, until finally he said, “Both of you say this live baby is yours. Someone bring me a sword.”

A sword was brought, and Solomon ordered, “Cut the baby in half! That way each of you can have part of him.”

“Please don’t kill my son,” the baby’s mother screamed. “Your Majesty, I love him very much, but give him to her. Just don’t kill him.”

The other woman shouted, “Go ahead and cut him in half. Then neither of us will have the baby.”

Solomon said, “Don’t kill the baby.” Then he pointed to the first woman, “She is his real mother. Give the baby to her.”

Everyone in Israel was amazed when they heard how Solomon had made his decision. They realized that God had given him wisdom to judge fairly. ~ 1 Kings 3:16-28 CEV

Granted, Superman had two Kara’s to sort, but the theory is the same. Superman decides to test both Supergirls. He punches one, and Wonder Woman punches the other. They wait to see who will punch back, thinking the real Kara won’t fight them. Wrong on that front. However, the real Supergirl does step up and tells Wonder Woman to use her Golden Lasso to bind them both together. The real Supergirl sacrifices herself in order to bring about the truth like the real mom sacrifices her claim to the baby to keep him from harm.

Supergirl 5 Wonder Woman Lasso


I guess the lesson is that the “real one” in a situation is usually the one who is most willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater benefit. The one who isn’t driven by jealousy and envy, but by love.

Supergirl 5 Wonder Woman Lasso 2

Going back to the Cain and Able reference. If Bad-Supergirl’s story is true, Zor-El was driven by greed whereas Jor-El was likely driven by love. Cain looked on at God’s approval of his brother’s sacrifice and became jealous, so he took Abel’s life. When we are driven by jealousy, envy, greed, lust, etc. we do the Bad-Us stuff. However, when we are driven by love we do the God-In-Us-Good stuff.

How does Supergirl explain the Bad in her? Basically by realizing we all have bad in us, but it is the part of us that we choose to act on that makes us who we are.

Supergir 5 End