Happy Friday with Friends! The Hubby and I are re-watching Season 5, and we stumbled across this gem earlier this week. The One with the Ride Along is the episode where the boys go on a ride along with Phoebe’s super-cool cop boyfriend, Gary. During the ride along they make a pit stop for Joey to pick up the best sandwich ever (a meatball sub). However, Gary doesn’t let Joey eat the sandwich in his car so all they can do is enjoy the aroma. Meanwhile…

[Scene: The ride along, they’re all waiting outside of the witness’s house and still in the car in the same places as before.]

Chandler: Okay, y’know, we-we’re safe right? I mean nothing bad can go down!

Gary: No. But that reminds me, (handing back a clipboard) sign this.

Ross: What is it?

Gary: Oh it’s nothing, it just says that you can’t sue the city if you scrap your knee or y’know, get your head blown off.

Chandler: (deadpan) Oh, hurry up. I want to sign that.

Gary: Okay, here he comes. What is he doing? What the hell is he doing?!

Ross: What? What? What? What is it?

Joey: Is everything okay?

Chandler: What’s going on?

Gary: Okay, he sees us. Now don’t move. Don’t look at him.

(They all turn and look away. Suddenly a loud bang sounds out and in slow motion Joey slowly throws his body over Ross. Gary is shocked at what he sees while Chandler is obviously hurt.)

Gary: Hey, it’s okay. It was just a car backfire. (Joey slowly moves off of Ross.) Hey, look at that! You tried to save your buddy. You see that? You see what he did?

Joey: (To Ross) You okay man?

Ross: Uh-huh. Thanks Joey!

Chandler: Uh, HELLO!!

Joey: Hi. (to Ross) You all right?


The car backfires, the boys think it is a gun, and Joey seemingly chooses to commit the greatest act of love (see John 15:13) for Ross rather than Chandler. Chandler is obviously hurt, until…

[Scene: Chandler and Joey’s, Chandler is pacing as Joey enters.]


Chandler: Look I’m very glad that you saved Ross from the car backfire, but y’know, it could’ve been a bullet and you y’know, you didn’t try to save me!

Joey: Ohh, you’re upset because you think I chose Ross over you! No! I…knew…you could take care of yourself. Y’know, I mean Ross, he need help. He’s not street like us!

Chandler: When it comes down to it, you would risk your life for Ross before you would for me. That’s the bottom line.

Joey: Well, no, not exactly! All right, look, I, I wasn’t trying to save Ross. Okay? My sandwich was next to Ross. All right? I was, I was trying to save my sandwich.

Chandler: From a bullet!

Joey: I know it doesn’t make much sense…

Chandler: Much sense?!

Joey: Look Chandler, it was instinct! Okay? I just went for it!

Chandler: So you risked your life, for a sandwich!

Joey: I know it sounds crazy, but Chandler this is (Goes and picks up the sandwich) the greatest sandwich in the world!


Lol. Typical, Joey. But this scene got me thinking about what really matters to us, and how that is revealed in the way we act. Thinking about the scene again, it calls to mind something Jesus said that also appeared in one of my favorite books, Harry Potter…

“Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” ~ Matthew 6:21 and Luke 12:34

It seems kind of obvious, but whatever we treasure most is what we will love (verb) most or desire most. The problem is when we start to treasure things more than people. Then, when gunfire sounds, we end up diving in front of a sandwich rather than our best friend. My thinking was, It’s a sandwich. Can’t he just go back and get another one?!?! But when we treasure something, we don’t think clearly about it—we put the tresured thing above everything. Which is why it is better to treasure God and treasure people, rather than things that won’t last or are replacable. God even writes in his law that we are to love Him and love others. Jesus told us, those are the two greatest commandments, and everything else depends on them.

Joey got this in the end…

Joey: Yeah! In fact, to prove how much you mean to me, (He unwraps the sandwich and holds it out for Chandler) here.

Chandler: Thanks. (He grabs the sandwich.)

Joey: No, eh, oh-oi, easy, it’s not a hot dog!

(Chandler takes a bite.)

Joey: How good is that?

Chandler: (with his mouthful) Oh-oi-ho, yeah!

Joey: See?

Chandler: Hm-hmm. (Goes to take another bite.)

Joey: Oh-whoa-hey, dude, what are you doing?!

Chandler: I thought you were showing me how much you mean to me.

Joey: Yeah. With a bite! (Takes back the sandwich.) Gee-e-e-eez!

Hey, it’s Joey. One bite of the best sandwich in the world is a big deal.

Transcript from: http://uncutfriendsepisodes.tripod.com/