A very merry Potter Tuesday to everyone, especially after #HPCelebration 2016! Wow! What a great event. The Hubby and I were blessed to get to attend as part of the MuggleNet Staff (stay tuned into MuggleNet.com for some awesome coverage to come from #HPCelebration 2016). My favorite moment of the weekend celebration was getting to cover Bonnie Wright’s visit to the Expo. The video is up on the MuggleNet Periscope (viewable on SmartPhones only).

I also brought home a nice head cold, so no in-depth story analysis today. My brain is full of fuzz, or that’s what it feels like. Here’s to feeling better for a Star Wars Wednesday post!

Happy fandoming!

HPCelebration 2016 Panel

P.S. ~> The Pottermore Sorting and Wand Selection tests are back! I decided to start fresh and retake the quizzes. I was re-Sorted into Hufflepuff for the second time (on the original Pottermore I started as a Ravenclaw, then retook the test in late 2015 and was Sorted into Hufflepuff). I’ve decided to take that as confirmation of my official transition into full Puff status (though I’ll always have a heart for Ravenclaw). I also got my new wand, which I feel is fitting for me. Blackthorn, 10 3/4 inches, Phoenix feather, unyielding (I always feel like saying, “Be afraid. Be very afraid,” after the “unyielding” bit).

Have you re-joined Pottermore? What’s your House and Wand?

Hufflepuff Wand