Sooooo, there was no Supergirl this past week, but a new episode airs tonight and I’m super excited…

The title of this episode is Falling and it seems to mirror the early 2000’s comic book story in which black kryptonite is used against Supergirl to bring out the dark side within her. I’m excited to see how much of the original comic book story is in this new episode, as well as what Biblical symbolism is thrown at us—there has been a lot throughout the series.

The most obvious, from the subject matter and title, would be the fall of man references and/or fallen angel references. The theme of the war between lightness and darkness within each of us and how the part we choose to act on is what makes the difference, I think will make an appearance (who knows, maybe another Harry Potter reference will pop up?).

New characters are likely to appear as well. In the original story, Lex Luther (last name that sounds like the name of Satan, Lucifer) is the villain who attacks a confused Supergirl with black kryptonite. Also, there is an appearance of Superboy, Batman, Superman, and other heroes from the D.C. comic-verse. I doubt we’ll see all these heroes, but maybe an appearance from Flash? And another IM message from Superman? Or a shot of his back as he helps Supergirl?

This is all speculation for now, but based on what we’ve seen from the CBS Supergirl series thus far I believe there are three things we can count on:

  1. Biblical references galore.
  2. The appearance of a new villain and/or good-guy. So far, each episode seems to introduce us to someone new from the Supergirl-verse.
  3. Supergirl, with the help of her friends, to overcome said villain (or we’ll be given a TBC, and Supergirl will overcome in the next episode).
  4. Bonus point: A possible progression in the James/Kara love story. Although I’m #TeamWinn. Gotta love the underdog. 🙂