Welcome to Wattpad Thursday, a new Thursday theme where I share what’s going on with my work-in-progress, The Amish Jedi, and some stories I’ve discovered that my fellow fandomers may enjoy.

For those who missed last week’s postThe Amish Jedi, is about an Amish fandom girl who leaves the Amish and the love of her young life because she’s unwilling to give up Star WarsHarry Potter, and other stories she loves but are unwelcome among those baptized into the Old Order. She escapes to a land far, far away—Greenwich Village—and discovers friendship, love, and her own story.

This week I added an Intro / Dedication part, in addition to rounding off the first two chapters, to explain why I’m choosing to share my story as I’m writing it:


Dedicated to: Joe & Sandy Terry, AKA Dad & Mom

It occurred to me after posting parts 1 & 2 of the first episode of Amish Jedi that I hadn’t put together an intro. This story is very much my fight song. I’m going to get real-real for a second. The reason I finally decided to just do this—put my stories out there—is because I have had so many doors slammed shut on my stories that I hit a point where I realized 3 things: 

1. I may never get a traditional publishing deal.

2. That’s finally okay with me. 

3. I still need to tell stories, because that is what I believe with all my being that God created me to do—and it is where I feel joy and connection with Him.  

With that said, I have not given up. There is still a lot of fight left in this girl, and that’s thanks to my God, my family, and my friends. Thank you all. 🙂 

In each chapter part, which I call “Episodes,” I also attach a song that I believe represents that part or some emotion evoked in that part. So, if you love music and stories, all the better. I listen to a lot of tunes when I’m writing, so I figured this would be a great way to share both my playlist and the story that’s been brewing inside my brain for a few years.

Click HERE to read on Wattpad
Click HERE to read on Wattpad

But I don’t just write on Wattpad, I also search for amazing stories I can story-out or fandom-out on. This week I want to share a Harry Potter fan fiction that I am finding particularly engaging. I’ve read the first four chapters and have enjoyed each one. Leah Potter: Found at Last is written by Megan4813 on Wattpad.

Click HERE to read on Wattpad
Click HERE to read on Wattpad

Lastly, here are the tunes from this past week’s posts:


Episode 2 (Part 1) ~ Pooh

Episode 2 (Part 2) ~ Pooh

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