[Time lapse, inside the store, Monica is frantically looking for her dress.]

Monica: No. No. Not it. Not it. Not it. (Checks another rack and another woman tries to reach around her.) (To the woman) Don’t crowd me! (Finds it) This is it! This is the dress! Oh my God, it’s perfect! (She takes it off of the rack and someone has a hold of it on the other side of the rack and tugs on it.) I’m sorry, this one’s taken! (The other woman tugs harder pulling Monica through the rack.) Whoa!

Monica: Megan!

Megan: Monica!

Monica: You came?!

Megan: Yeah!

Monica: This is my dress!

Megan: No!

Monica: Yes it is! You saw me wearing it!

Megan: And now you’ll see me buying it.

Monica: What? You freak! You wouldn’t even have known about this place if it wasn’t for me!

Megan: Look, you don’t want to fight me.

Monica: Maybe I do! I’m pretty feisty! (She blows the signal.)


Monica ends up pinning Megan to the ground and throwing the dress to Phoebe and Rachel to run to the cashier. Monica’s behavior got me to thinking: What are we willing to do, and who are we willing to become to get what we want?

(The phone rings and Monica answers it as Rachel goes into the bathroom.)

Monica: Hello? (Listens) What?! (Listens) You what?! (Listens) Hey you listen here missy! (Listens) Wh—(She is hung up on.)

Phoebe: What?!

Monica: That was that girl Megan! She booked the Swing Kings on the day of our wedding and said that I couldn’t have them back unless I gave her the dress!

Phoebe: (gasps) Does that mean Carcass is available?

Monica: What am I gonna do?! That is the dress! That is the dress! Wh…Chandler wants the band. What do I do?

Chandler: (returning) What are you guys talking about?

Monica: Well umm, we were just talking about the y’know, the Swing Kings and just wondering whether y’know, they were the right way to go.

Rachel: Yeah, I went to a wedding once where they had swing music and uh, two months later the couple got divorced. And now I’m not saying that there’s any connection here y’know, but they did tell me that’s why they got divorced.

Chandler: But I love swing music!

Phoebe: Yeah but the Swing Kings? Y’know they suck so much that people actually die at their concerts—They just stop living.

Chandler: Look all I know is when Monica and I went to see them, we had fun! And there’s another reason too.

Rachel: Well, what is the other reason?

Chandler: I don’t want to say.

Rachel: Well you have to because maybe it’s stupid.

Chandler: Well it’s just while Monica and I were dancing to them it was…the first time I knew that…you were the woman I wanted to dance all my dances with.

Monica: Oh crap!

Monica ends up giving the wedding dress to Megan in order to get the swing band for Chandler. She may have lost herself in the shopping, but she showed up again when it came between choosing what she really wanted and giving Chandler what he really wanted.

I’ve found that life is much more about what we do for others than what we do for ourselves. When we get that right, we’re on our way. 😉

Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others. ~ Philippians 2:3-4 ESV


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