Welcome to Wattpad Thursdays, where we discuss the latest postings of Amish Jedi—a fandom girl romance. Since last week’s post, there have been three additional parts added to the story. Both parts of Episode 3, Bella, were shared. In the first part, we get to meet Zia’s aunt and get a feel for why Zia doesn’t care to be around her so much. In the second part, we get to celebrate Megs’s debut as a vampire detective in a new play and celebrate Teddy’s birthday, which brings Zia and Jason back into each other’s presence for the first time in a month. The week was capped off with part 1 of Episode 4, Mr. Wickham, where Megs dresses up the crew for a Halloween party with matchmaking ambitions in mind.

You can read Amish Jedi HERE and follow @ScribbleInkwell on Wattpad for updates and notifications. The Hubby has informed me that I’m posting too fast for readers (him) to keep up, so as of yesterday we are switching to a twice-a-week schedule. New posts to go live on Mondays and Thursdays (barring any unforeseen circumstances). I hope you’ll consider joining Zia on her crazy, fandomy, adventure in Greenwich Village.

For the second part of Wattpad Thursday, I want to share one of the stories I’m reading. Last week, we talked about a Harry Potter fan fiction entitled Leah Potter that so far has been a great read. This week I want to share with you a Goblin Dystopian Romance(?) I stumbled upon and have thus far been swept away by—White Stag by @Pandean.

What first caught my attention was the title—can we say Christian symbolism? The second was the main character who is tough as nails but with a soft spot she doesn’t realize she has. She’s a bit like Katniss, but she’s been through darker times haveing lost her entire family to the goblins and been made a slave. I think, so far, the story is great, however, I do want to let you know the story does deal with hard hitting issues. Mainly rape. I haven’t read anything super harsh or descriptive yet, but I know some people prefer not to go there for personal reasons.

If you’re still interested, I’d give White Stag a try. Read until you get to the part where she meets the horse (that’s all I’m saying for now) before deciding if the story is for you. At that point, you should know if you are hooked or not—I certainly was.

Happy reading, writing, and Wattpadding. I leave you all with this week’s Amish Jedi musical dedications:

Episode 3 ~ Bella (Part 1)

Episode 3 ~ Bella (Part 2)

Episode 4 ~ Mr. Wickham (Part 1)