Happy Wattpad Thursday! This week on Wattpad, two more parts of The Amish Jedi were published. We see “Sparks Fly” in Part 2 of the Mr. Wickham episode when Jason (AKA Batman) shows up to Megs’s Halloween party and beholds Zia (AKA Amish Jedi) in her costume. Then, in Part 1 of the Scribble episode, tensions rise between the two as the subject of church and Zia’s writing comes up.

As far as other recommendations go, I’m still reading White Stag by Pandean which just keeps getting better and better as I go. So far, I highly recommend this story series to Hunger Games fans and probably even Game of Thrones fans as it is a bit more on the dark side. (Confession: I still need to read Game of Thrones. I made an attempt last year but set it aside because the darkness was a bit much for me.)

Last but not least, here are the two song dedications for this week’s Amish Jedi parts…