Happy Twilight Tuesday! As I explained last week, since I’m re-reading the series, I figured we’d take a short break from Potter Tuesday to discuss the vampire saga. As of the writing of this post I’m on page 500 of New Moon. Bella has just arrived home after her tour of the Volturi castle. But, I want to talk about a scene that happened earlier in the book. The one where Carlisle is alone in the kitchen of the Cullen home stitching Bella’s arm together after a paper cut leads to a near death experience.



“What is it that you enjoy?” I wondered. It didn’t make sense to me—the years of struggle and self-denial he must have spent to get to the point where he could endure this so easily….

“Hmm. What I enjoy the very most is when my… enhanced abilities let me save someone who would otherwise have been lost. It’s pleasant knowing that, thanks to what I can do, some people’s lives are better because I exist….”

“You try very hard to make up for something that was never your fault,” I suggested while a new kind of tugging started at the edges of my skin. “What I mean is, it’s not like you asked for this. You didn’t choose this kind of life, and yet you have to work so hard to be good.”

… “Like everything in life, I just had to decide what to do with what I was given.”

Carlisle echoes a truth I find in running through my fav fandoms: It is not what we are born, but what we grow to be that matters. We all experience situations that may be considered unfair or not our fault, but it is what we choose to do with what we’ve been given that matters. Carlisle could have gone with his natural instinct to hunt humans, but he chose, despite being turned into a monster physically, he wasn’t going to turn into a monster on the inside—which is what really matters. After all, in Potter, Twilight, superhero stories, etc. there is a running theme that the inside is bigger or more significant than the outside.

God recognizes this. He knows we were born sinful people but doesn’t judge us based on what we are born but whom we choose to become. Do we give in to our selfish nature, or do we choose to love Him and thereby truly love others selflessly?

Like everything in life, we have to decide what to do with what we are given. As for me and my house, we’ve decided to love God and love others.

“But if you refuse to serve the LORD, then choose today whom you will serve. Would you prefer the gods your ancestors served beyond the Euphrates? Or will it be the gods of the Amorites in whose land you now live? But as for me and my family, we will serve the LORD.” ~ Joshua 24:15 NLT