Happy Wattpad Thursday! This week on The Amish Jedi, Zia and Megs have a major confrontation with Sarah while searching for cream cheese terrorists. Then Zia is dragged to Betty’s, which is its usual disaster. But none of this bothers Zia as much as when she’s hit with a case of writer’s block. Megs comments that Zia looks like she’s been bitten by a Dementor and stages a plan to revive her cousin—take her dancing and invite everyone, including Jason along. The best part—Sarah’s out of town.

Check out the full story HERE.

As far as reading recommendations go, I have nothing knew. I’m still working on White Stag and Leah Potter. Both are awesome stories. The reason for my inattention (and the lateness of this post) is due to beginning a new job (writing for Soap Shows!). Once I get settled in a bit with my schedule, I plan to dive right back into my Wattpad reading.

Happy reading, writing, and fandoming,

Scribble Inkwell

P.S. ~> Here are this week’s story inspiration songs for Amish Jedi