Happy Superhero Monday! In this second-to-last episode of season one of Supergirl, Nan finally unleashes Myriad and it seems there is no good way to stop him. Supergirl even considers his plan of unleashing a Kryptonite bomb that will stop Myriad but kill 8% of the population. Until Cat Grant, who has been spared the effects of Myriad by Lord’s invention, convinces Supergirl there is another way.

CAT: All of you are letting your fear guide you, but somebody has to find the courage to stand up even though they’re afraid. You know, the worst decisions that I’ve ever made in my life were based on fear. But you showed me that there was another way to be strong, by having faith in people. By believing that goodness would prevail. And because of you, I started letting people in. (CHUCKLES) I even opened up myself up to my assistant, Ker-rah, who helped me have a relationship with my son again. Now, I can’t tell you what to do, Supergirl. But if you’ve taught me anything, you have taught me that hope is stronger than fear. (CHUCKLES) And that is what I think of every time I look at that. You’ve changed me. And I am not easy to change. And I believe that you can change everyone out there. Not with violence, not with fear. Just be Supergirl. That’s all anyone’s ever needed from you.

The parallels to the gospel run throughout Cat’s monologue. In this series, Supergirl plays the dual role of Christ-figure and Christian-everyman (literary techniques). Christ was and is the “hope of the world,” and when we carry Him with us, living like Him, being Him to the world, we spread that message of hope. Hope that there is good. Hope that repels fear, that is the cure to fear.

Myriad controls the mind, but hope breaks the trance. That is and was what Christ came into the world to do. To break the trance of thinking propelled by fear and replace it with His way of thinking. One propelled by love and hope and faith. But it is our choice whether we stay in fear or embrace His way.

And his name will be the hope of all the world.” ~ Matthew 12:21 NLT

Transcript from: http://www.springfieldspringfield.co.uk/view_episode_scripts.php?tv-show=supergirl-2015&episode=s01e19