Now that I’m all caught up (except for season 6 episodes 1 – 8, which are annoyingly unavailable) with The Walking Dead, I’ve moved on to Fear the Walking Dead. I’m awaiting the DVD of season 1, but I’m through the first three episodes of season 2 and hoping to catch up by Sunday’s mid-season finale.

Anywho, as I was watching last night, Nick voiced his answer to a question as a Bible-reading Christian I have contemplated quite often. Hershel even referenced the topic in The Walking Dead.

Nick: It’s these kids, man. They’ve seen more than their share, you know? Like, what they’re living in now and what they’re gonna live in, like, it’s — I don’t know. Things are never just gonna be normal for them, you know? It’s not fair.

Alicia: I mean, at least they’re prepared.

Nick: Yeah, they’re prepared like it’s the end times.

Alicia: Isn’t it?

Nick: No, Alicia, it’s not the Rapture. Something is off here.

Alicia: Everything’s off. Everywhere.

Seeing as Nick did live in an abandoned church for some time, he might have picked up a thing or two while pursuing a Bible in a drug-induced state. (Granted, I don’t know too much about this because I have yet to see season 1 — can you hear the frustration as I type?) If he did, he would be right that a Zombie Apocalypse is not what is described in the Bible as part of the “end times” or rapture. It sounds more like the worst plague to ever hit the earth.

Hershel even said something about being confused because he had a different idea of what God meant when he said the dead will rise again. Obviously, a corpse being reanimated as a Zombie is not the resurrection of the dead as described in the Bible. But I see how even someone with profound Biblical knowledge and faith would be questioning things in the case of finding themselves in a Zombie Apocalypse. I certainly would.

But Nick’s faith, despite his flawed and less than refined Biblical education, struck me as profound. He knows this is not the Rapture, that is still to come. He and his family are just living through a really, really bad time in human history. Kind of like the Dark Ages.

I especially enjoy the character of Nick, he is a cross-fandom actor after all. All hail Tom Riddle (AKA Voldemort). It’s almost like seeing Voldey if he chose the path of redemption while he was still young.

Any Fear the Walking Dead fans out there? How do you feel about Nick?

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