I’m almost always a little late on the uptake with things. Even in high school. Though rumors spread faster than the speed of light, I somehow was always one of the last if not the last to find anything out. Not sure why that is…. but, my point is that I’ve finally caught on to this “thing” called The 5th Wave and I’m fascinated!

My introduction to the story was through watching the movie twice this weekend, but I’ve also requested the book from the library and can’t wait to devour it. Side note: I also discovered Twilight (which I just finished reading for the 7th? time) by watching the first movie and then inhaling the books.

Today I want to talk about something Cassie says that struck me,

“How do you rid the world of humans? First, you rid humans of their humanity.” ~ Cassie

When she said this, I thought, That’s sooooo true. And aliens don’t even need to invade our planet for this to happen. We lose our humanity when we lose our compassion, faith, and hope. So, essentially, when we let fear govern our actions rather than love.

Because of the extremity of their situations and the trickery of the aliens, Cassie’s world has become vastly devoid of humanity. People are afraid so they are not thinking and acting in love (for the most part). And without love, we become the 5th wave — the wave that rids the world of humans.

Owe nothing to anyone—except for your obligation to love one another. If you love your neighbor, you will fulfill the requirements of God’s law. ~ Romans 13:8 NLT