You can only call someone crazy if there’s someone else who’s normal. Like good and evil. If everything was good, then nothing would be good. ~ Cassie, The 5th Wave

I’ve finally made it to reading the book (rather than just watching The 5th Wave movie). After a semi-slow first-half, the rest of the book has sucked me in. There is just sooooo much Christian imagery.

As I’m reading, I’m using my phone to take pics of quotes that I feel inclined to dissect. The first of these is a Cassie thought. I find it very interesting how she acknowledges that there has to be an evil. Without evil, there is no good.

Perhaps that’s why God allowed us to learn about evil, so we can recognize good? Perhaps that’s why he allows us to experience hate, so that we can know love?

Sorry, that was actually not what I had planned on writing. But sometimes the things that just come out of us are better than the plans we lay. I’m by no means saying my ponderings are biblically sound, they are just that — ponderings. Perhaps next time we find ourselves asking why God allows evil in the world, perhaps we should wonder how we would know and learn to love if he didn’t.

Evil exists, but so does love. And our choice to love when doing evil is easier, makes love that much more powerful.