Since it’s Christmas week, I thought we’d let our hair down a bit and enjoy some fun Potter Christmas quotes!

“Come one, cheer up, it’s nearly Christmas.” ~ Hagrid, Sorcerer’s Stone

“And you’re not sitting with the prefects today, either,” said George. “Christmas is a time for family.” ~ George, Sorcerer’s Stone

“One can never have enough socks,” said Dumbledore. “Another Christmas has come and gone and I didn’t get a single pair. People will insist on giving me books.” ~ Dumbledore, Sorcerer’s Stone


“I always stay at Hogwarts for Christmas and Easter holidays, and I don’t ever want to go back to Privet Drive.” ~ Harry, Prisoner of Azkaban

“Oi! Presents!” ~ Ron, Prisoner of Azkaban

HAVE A VERY HARRY CHRISTMAS ~ Dobby’s banner in the Room of Requirement, Order  of the Phoenix



“Mistletoe,” said Luna dreamily, pointing at a large clump of white berries placed almost over Harry’s head. He jumped out from under it.
“Good thinking,” said Luna seriously. “It’s often infested with nargles.” ~ Luna, Order of the Phoenix

” The more the merrier!” ~ Sirius, Order of the Phoenix 

“Good haul this year. Thanks for the Broom Compass, it’s excellent, beats Hermione’s — she’s got me a homework planner —” ~ Ron, Order of the Phoenix


“It’s Christmas, and it’s not a crime to want to come to a party. Just this once, we’ll forget any punishment; you may stay, Draco.” ~ Professor Slughorn, Half-Blood Prince

“Do people usually give their house-elves Christmas presents?” ~ Harry, Half-Blood Prince

“Harry, I think it’s Christmas Eve!” ~ Hermione, Deathly Hallows

“Cheer up, it’s the Christmas holidays, Luna’ll be home!” ~ Ron, Deathly Hallows


Merry Christmas Potter fans!

P.S. ~ It’s Seeker’s first Christmas! Obviously, in womb but there will be at least one present under the tree for our future Quidditch Player & Christ follower! Here’s a pic of last week’s ultra sound (20 weeks 3 days)!